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Corporate Social Responsiblity in ICM


Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L. (ICM) is governed by a set of key principles on corporate social responsibility:

  • Compliance with internal standards and national legislation and, in particular, those related to its business activity.
  • Ethical commitments.
  • Control of the impact of business activity at social, environmental and economic levels.
  • Search of the satisfaction of all of the company’s stakeholders.
  • Commitments for practices (policies, processes and controls) on issues related to people’s health and safety, environmental protection and quality.
  • Solidarity and participation in social programs for helping children.

Enviromental care

ICM is in the process of obtaining ISO 14001: 2008 certification, which will ensure that the company optimizes resources and waste management, as well as it reduces negative environmental impacts and risks associated with accidental situations arising from their activity.

responsabilidad corporativa de ICM

Child assistance

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ICM’s concern about people care is also extended to the social sphere. That is why the company contributes to international projects focused on helping children, such as: