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Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values of  ICM



To be a preferred partner of clients from different industrial and technological sectors, who opt for total or partial outsourcing of the manufacturing of mechatronic equipment and systems; as well as being a manufacturer of industrial and specialized custom wire harness, with integration services and testing of assemblies and subassemblies. All under high quality standards and observing the principles of social responsibility.



To occupy a benchmark position in the integral management of manufacturing and in the production of custom wire harness, in diversified and global markets. And, through collaboration with customers, favour synergies that generate added value and increase their competitive strength.




Valores de ICM, aplicables a su actividad, que incluye la integración de equipos y sistemas mecatrónicos

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) is governed by the same firm values which guide all the companies of Grupo Espacio Industrial, and which form the basis of its philosophy of work and customer service, and ensure that its customers are always satisfied with the products and/or services acquired.

As a result of a company culture based on the balance between our economic activity, the development of our human capital, the welfare of the community and respect for the environment.
To give visibility to the fulfillment of our professional, social and legal commitments, acquired before our stakeholders, which reinforces the credibility in the external and internal relations of the company.
As the natural way to relate to the environment and complement our internal capabilities, through strategic alliances and our network of collaborators, thus reinforcing our flexibility to better serve our customers.
Resulting from the excellent understanding of our organization, at all levels, in the interpretation of the needs of our stakeholders and in the promotion of a permanently innovative attitude
Understood, not only as an inescapable obligation of the company, but also as a corporate culture and ethical responsibility before our stakeholders and society as a whole.