Continuous improvement of the layout of the ICM factories, to optimize the production of custom wire harness and its manufacturing solutions

Some time ago we published a post about the importance of layout in the factory to optimize production performance.

A topic that we return to in today’s post. ICM continues to work on the analysis and identification of actions to improve distribution at its custom wire harness manufacturing factories in Aranjuez (Madrid) and Illescas (Toledo), in order to optimize its production activity.

The redesign of the layout responds to the continuous effort in our company to minimize the waste produced, for example, in movements and handling of materials and tools that we use to develop our manufacturing solutions for manufacturers and system integrators in the most optimal way possible. 

In the design of the distribution of the plants, factors are considered that allow establishing the best way to order the work areas, to guarantee efficient manufacturing, as well as the performance of the personnel in a safe and satisfactory manner.

In short, the design objective is focused on enabling an intelligent and efficient use of space. To do this, the different spaces in which the manufacture of custom wiring of all kinds carried out by ICM are delimited, prepared and organized; and of the remaining services that respond to the complete management of the life cycle of our clients’ products, such as: the thermal coverage of cables, the design of electronic card test benches, and the integration of electromechanical systems and equipment, among many others.