Calculate electrical sections from your mobile

Do you know the REBT Section Calculation application? It is an application to perform electrical calculations of various types, which will be very useful if you are working in the world of electrical installations.


The application has been created to calculate the section of the electric conductors according to their voltage drop (c.d.t.), to their length and the intensity allowed by the conductor as established by the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation (REBT).


Among others, it allows to calculate in its free version:

  • Capacity of a capacitor bank in an installation.
  • Electrotechnical Regulation for Low Voltage of 2002 in PDF.
  • Degree of IP protection against liquids and solids according to their design.
  • Voltage drop sections.
  • Voltage.
  • Intensity.
  • Resistance.
  • Active Power.
  • Revolutions of an engine.
  • Joule Effect.
  • Unit converter.
  • Electrical capacity.
  • Electric charge.
  • Electrical intensity.
  • Electric potential.
  • Magnetic induction.
  • Magnetic field.
  • Sections according to REBT

And in its Pro version you can calculate:

  • Table of equivalences of telephones.
  • Apparent Power.
  • Reactive power.
  • Condenser.
  • Tension fall.
  • Distance.
  • Electrical conductance.
  • Inductance.
  • Magnetic flux.
  • Manetomotor force.


If you test this app, we would like you to share with everyone what you thought and what you will use mostly.