Measure converter from the mobile

Today, find a post about a very useful mobile application to convert many units of measure quickly and easily. And it’s free!

There are multiple applications that allow converting units of all types. Today we will talk about Convertidor de unidades: herramientas, moneda.

Developed by Digit Grove, this free app offers more than 44 categories of units, among other: Weight, speed, distance, quantity, density, energy, fuel and time. In addition, it includes other useful tools such as compass and chronometer; and others more specific, such as those related to engineering (radiation, electrical resistance, inductance, inertia, luminance, etc.).

It also incorporate a calculator. Thus, Convertidor de unidades: herramientas, moneda is a complete, practical and simple application that you can add to the collection of apps that we have already mentioned on previous occasions, to perform calculations on electricy, electronics, lighting y electrical sections.

It would be interesting if you commented on some other measures converter to use from the mobile, that you know and considered useful by you.