Mobile application on welding and cutting filters for eye protection

Do you have any doubts about which eye protection filter you should use when welding or cutting? Well, in the post today you will know which is the most suitable in each case, consulting it from your mobile, through the application WelDINg Shades.

Welding and cutting operations generate various radiations, including intense visible light, invisible UV rays (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) radiation, as well as X-rays. Therefore, it is really important to use a filter that protects you properly.

WelDINg Shades is an application developed by experts in Personal Protective Equipment (EPP) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which shows the filter level to be used based on:

  • The recommendations of the European standards EN379 and EN169
  • The minimum number of protection tone per OSHA (USA)
  • And the tone number recommended by ANSI & AWS (USA)


If you use it, please, share your opinion about its usefulness with us.