Mobile electronic calculator

In previous posts, we have already mentioned useful tools (sections REBT, pinouts RJ45, lighting, welding filters …), to make calculations from the mobile, related to the sectors of application of the wire harness manufactured by ICM.

Today, we talk about Electronic Calculator, available in different languages, and that allows you to perform quick calculations related to electronics.

Electronic Calculator offers different functionalities to perform a great variety of calculations, among others, those related to:

  • Law of Ohm and energy
  • Resistor color codes
  • Resistors, capacitors and inductors in series circuits and in parallel
  • Voltage: volts, voltage, output resistance of one or two resistance values
  • Capacitive and inductive reactance, and inductance
  • Impedance of the RLC components in parallel and series circuits
  • LED driver
  • Capacitors: charge, stored energy, time constant …
  • Inductors: energy, time constant …
  • Law of Coulomb’s
  • Magnetism: intensity of the magnetic field, magnetic flux and permeability
  • 555 Timer: constants of astable and monostable timer circuits
  • Star-delta and delta-star impedance conversions


Do you use any application or tool for your electronic calculations? What do you think of this one?