Mobile Lighting Calculations

In previous posts we have talked about various applications to perform calculations (electrical resistance of a wire, electrical sections, network wire harness, electronic components…). Today, we commented several apps for lighting calculations from the mobile.

The following applications for Android will allow you to calculate multiple values ​​related to lighting, as well as making various luminance and luminance conversions, among other functions.


Cálculos de iluminación

This application, developed by Ettore Gallina and compatible with all devices, is also available in PRO version for additional functionalities. It offers the following lighting calculations:

  • Interior lighting requirements
  • Number of luminaires Lumens to Luxes
  • Luxes to Lumens
  • Lumens to Watts
  • Watts to lumens
  • Luxes to Watts
  • Watts a Luxes
  • Luminous to Candela
  • Candela to Lumens
  • Candela to Luxes
  • Luxes to Candela Luxes / Candela-Pie
  • Compare power
  • Calculation of luminous efficacy
  • Bulb shapes
  • Table light efficiency
  • Color Temperature
  • Visible spectrum Kelvin – RGB RGB / HEX Conversion RGB / CMYK conversion
  • LED strip power supply
  • Led SMD
  • Saving lamps Unit of measurement
  • Symbols
  • And in the PRO version: total flux calculation, form, luminance converter, illuminance converter, type of lamps, accessories lamps, specific power, photobiological risks of LEDs, ground illumination, typical LED characteristics, luxmeter (only compatible with Devices with light sensor), fluorescent tubes, fluorescent tube color code, power factor correction.



CalcuLum, developed by JGApp, is valid on all mobile devices. It allows to calculate the necessary luminaires. By entering the parameters of the room, as well as the desired lumens and lumens of the luminaire to be used, we will obtain the number of light points in order to achieve the objectives.

The application incorporates help. In its last update, it has been improved its interface and calculation accuracy, and it has been included the possibility of calculating by objectives and by distribution.


Light Meter

 Light Meter, from My MobileTools Dev, is a simple light meter to measure illuminances (lux, fc) using the light sensor of the Android device. Its main features include:

  • Calibrate the device with the multiplier.
  • Display the minimum, maximum and average values, and sensor data.
  • Totally free.



This simple application, to measure illuminance in lux (lx) or candle (fc) with the light sensor, monitors and compares the illuminance of different light sources. The measured values ​​depend on the accuracy of the light sensor. It only works on devices with light sensor.

It allows the following functionalities:

  • Unit: lux or candle (foot-candle).
  • Minimum and maximum value.
  • Diagram with mean value.
  • Adjust sensor sensitivity.
  • To calibrate if the values ​​are different from the actual values.
  • To change color, among other multiple settings.
  • To move to SD card.
  • To record the illuminance up to 16 h 39 min.
  • To select the duration and the number of values.Save and export the values ​​of light.


Lux Meter

Lux Meter is a simple light meter, developed by Waldau, to measure illuminance (lux, fc), which uses the light sensor of the device.

Among its main characteristics are:

  • Support Lux and Foot-candles.
  • Possibility to choose the main unit.
  • To calibrate the device with the multiplier.
  • To show minimum and maximum values.
  • To press and hold the button.
  • Multi language.
  • To push notifications.
  • To show sensor information.
  • To restart the minimum and maximum values.
  • Option to keep the screen on.
  • 100% free of charge.


If you know of another application of lighting calculations, share it with all of us.


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