ICM, manufacturing services for manufacturers & system integrators

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) is a provider of manufacturing solutions for manufacturers and system integrators, who choose to outsource the manufacturing of their electromechanical products.

Fabricación e integración de cableado de ICM, en sala limpia

Fabricación e integración de cableado de ICM, en sala limpia

Manufacturing of complete electrical wire harness systems

Among the solutions provided by ICM (Integración de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.), the manufacturing of complete electrical wire harness systems stands out. They aim at multiple industrial and technological sectors, such as: Aerospace, aeronautics, defense, security, lighting, automotive, energy, electromedicine, telecommunications, vending, ticketing, transportation, railway, IoT, elevators, audiovisual, air conditioning and electronics, for example.

At ICM (Integración de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.), custom industrial and special wire harnesses are designed and manufactured according to the specifications provided by the customer or jointly defined.

Automatización de la fabricación del cableado industrial, de ICM

Manufacturing, integration and other additional services

ICM has a customer-orientated approach, helping to optimize the value chain, thanks to productive processes based on a efficient Lean Management System (LMS), and a solid Quality Management System (QMS).

Furthermore, the high level of automation and the wide stock of materials in ICM allows to manufacture custom industrial wire harness quickly and according to the customer’s design or jointly, thereby fulfilling expectations. In addition, ICM has got the innovative and technological capacity needed to produce custom special wire harness for sensitive sectors such as aerospace and defense.

Why choose ICM for the subcontracting of electromechanical systems and equipment fabrication

Extensive experience in custom wire harnesses manufacturing
Nearly 50 years in industrial sectors, 15 years in aerospace, and 40 years in defense.
Customer orientation
Reflected in its flexibility, in its adaptation to customer requirements; and in its agility in the manufacture and delivery of wire harnesses. This is due to the high automation of the production process, and the large stock of materials available, in the case of the manufacture of industrial wire harness.

Likewise, the company’s own fleet of vehicles enables fast delivery in areas close to its factories. And the wide variety and quantity of technological resources available (machinery, tools, crimping tools…), as well.

Commitment to quality
Endorsed by certifications, approvals and the quality agreed with the customer, as well as by its participation in the AEC.

And guaranteed by the application of an exhaustive Quality Management System (QMS).  

Constant search for competitiveness
Proof of this are: The continuous improvement through the Lean Management System (LMS) implemented for years. This is in line with a Technological Development Plan, which drives the company in its progress towards Industry 4.0, through the digitization of its administrative processes and the automation of production processes.

Also thanks to the continuous training of its personnel, which makes it a team of qualified professionals that, in addition, has a great human quality; and to its own Purchasing and Logistics Dept, among other things.