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ICM’s commitment to quality

ICM’s (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) commitment to quality is guaranteed by the certifications, approvals and the quality agreed with the customer, as well as by its participation in the AEC.

Exhaustive quality control at ICM

ICM is aware of the importance of quality in the whole production process of electrical interconnection systems, and in the materials used in it. For this reason, it applies an exhaustive Quality Management System (QMS), which guarantees the quality of all the products and manufacturing services it develops.

ICM works under the quality standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 9100.

Certificación ISO 9001 de ICM
Certificación ISO 14001 de ICM
Certificación EN 9100 de ICM
Reunión del SGL de parte del equipo de ICM

Lean Manufacturing System in ICM

ICM’s Quality Management System (QMS) is reinforced by high standards of technical and management competence. And thanks to the implementation of the Lean Manufacturing management model in the company. This model guides ICM in the achievement of strategic business objectives, through the search for continuous improvement of its productivity, by optimizing its processes.

ICM’s commitment to environmental care

ICM. Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L. 2022. Todos los derechos reservados.

Environmental care in ICM

ICM has an Environmental Management System based on the international standard ISO 14.001. And it has the corresponding certification in its two factories, in Spain: In Aranjuez (Madrid), since 2014, and in Illescas (Toledo), since 2018.

This ensures that the company optimizes the management of resources and waste; and that it reduces negative environmental impacts and risks associated with accidental situations arising from its activity.

Sustainability at ICM

ICM considers sustainability as a moral obligation to limit the negative impact that all economic activity produces on the environment. Hence, remarkable actions such as: The generation of electricity with solar energy and photovoltaic system; the development of an energy efficiency plan; and the measurement of the carbon footprint.

Sostenibilidad en ICM

Sostenibilidad en ICM

ICM. Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L. 2022. All rigths reserved.