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ICM comprehensive manufacturing solutions for manufacturers

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) is capable of producing and distributing key components of the final products that are the intellectual and physical property of its clients. As Contract Manufacturer, the company offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions to industrial and technological organizations which decide to contract the total or partial manufacturing of equipment and mechatronic systems (electrical, electromechanical and computer based), which is commercialized by the client.

Comprehensive manufacturing management of turnkey equipment

ICM manages all activities related to the supply of tunkey equipment. That is to say, equipment ready for use, exploitation or commercialization, such as:

  • Purchase of components and subcontracting, including agreements with suppliers and subcontractors to achieve cost reductions, management and order tracking, and so on.
  • Storage and logistics
  • Integration
  • Tests
  • Quality and inspection

The Purchasing and Logistics Dept. of ICM carries out an exhaustive analysis of the costs and deadlines involved in each project, to ensure its successful execution.

ICM’s manufacturing solutions are completed with the production of custom wire harness of all types, equipment integration services, and other additional ones.

Custom industrial wire harness

Cableado industrial a medida fabricado por ICM

Custom special wire harness

Cableado especial a medida fabricado por ICM

Installations & services for electromechanical equipment

Soluciones de fabricación e integración de equipos y sistemas mecatrónicos, de ICM

Other manufacturing solutions

Banco genérico de pruebas, otra de las soluciones integrales de fabricación de ICM