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Integration of electromechanical equipment

Integración de equipos electromecánicos en las instalaciones de Aranjuez de ICM

Integration of electromechanical equipment

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) performs the integration of electronic equipment; of mechatronic systems (electronic, electrical, mechanical and computer based), according to the specific requirements of each client. ICM technical specialists carry out the fabrication of assemblies and complete subassemblies, applying the corresponding test protocol, if required by the client.

Integration of ITS systems and equipment

Although the field of operation of ICM in relation to integration is very broad, the company is specialized in the integration of equipment and ITS systems applicable to the transport sectors, particularly those related to:

  • ticketing: validation and automatic sale of transport tickets
  • traffic: weather stations, information panels, radars, traffic light control systems
  • on-board equipment: validation machines, desks, teleindicators, SAE systems.