Clean room in ICM, located in factory of Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain

ICM facilities to develop its comprehensive manufacturing solutions for manufacturers


The production area of ​​ICM covers 4,480m2 in two manufacturing plants located in Aranjuez (Madrid) and Illescas (Toledo). Both of them located in Spain. Its facilities are complemented by an area of 3,200m2 for warehouse and logistics; with an additional 700m2 for the administrative activities of the company.

Both plants are equipped with all the necessary means for ICM to develop its comprehensive manufacturing solutions with full guarantee:

  • Machinery and tools (wide range of cable processing stations, tools, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Clean room of 180m² ISO Class 8
  • Force
  • Air compressors
  • Access for trucks
  • Pallet transporter for 3,500 Kg
  • Electric forklift for 1,500 Kg