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High level automation in the manufacture of custom wire harness

Máquina automática para la producción de cableado LED

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) stands out for its remarkable investment in machinery. This allows the automation of the manufacturing process of custom wire harness of all types. Together with the permanent capacity of innovation of ICM, this contributes to the continuous improvement of its quality processes and cost optimization, which in turn generates a greater added value for its customers.

In particular, for the manufacture of custom industrial wire harness, there are multiple automatic and semi-automatic stations, which accelerate the production and, therefore, the delivery of orders.

In addition, ICM has all the technical resources necessary for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board + Assembly).

Automatic stations for custom wire harness manufacturing

9 automatic automatic cutting, peeling, marking & crimp terminal machines and/or ultrasonic welding for single-core cable:

  • 3 Komax Alpha 356 (with double compacted module and automatic welding)
  • Komax Zeta 633
  • 2 Komax Gamma 255 (small section cables)
  • Komax Gamma 333 PC (with dubling system)
  • Komax Gamma 333 PC (long collector)
  • Komax Gamma 311


3 stations for cutting and stripping multipolar tubes:

  • Komax Kappa 350 (long collector)
  • Komax  Kappa 330
  • SP-9500 (with dubling system)


1 automatic wrapping machine

Máquinas semiautomáticas de engaste de cables

Semi-automatic custom wire harness manufacturing stations

  • 2 Branson  2032S stations, con with ultrasonic welding system
  • 9 semiautomatic crimping presses
  • 1 coaxial cable processing station
  • 1 coaxial cable stripper
  • 1 rotary peeling station
  • 8 cable stripping stations
  • 1 pre-insulated crimping station
  • 3 wrapping machines Onda Liner
  • 1 press for tubular terminals up to 240 mm²
  • 1 laser cable stripping machine
Equipos de control de calidad del cableado

Quality control equipment for custom wire harness

4 computers equiped with Hetos software and peripherals for quality control:

  • 1 computer with 960 test points
  • 1 computer with 256 test points
  • 1 computer with 128 test points
  • 1 computer with 128 test points (1500 V)


Útiles para la fabricación de cableado industrial a medida

Others technical resources for custom wire harness manufacturing

  • 1 3D printer
  • 1 programmable cable stripping machine
  • 1 metallographic cutting machine for crimped contacts
  • 2 printers for cable identification
  • 120 crimping tools for the most common terminals
  • Network analyser
  • Automatic measuring device for continuity measurement, insulation and dielectric strength of 4096 points
  • Oscilloscopes, millimetres, function generator and power supplies
  • Crimpers and traction tester
  • Welding stations
  • Torque wrenches
  • Visual aids up to x12
Útiles para la fabricación de cableado industrial a medida

Technical resources for PCBA

  • 2 high production pick & place SMD lines
  • 2 automatic wave welding equipment
  • 1 selective automatic welding equipment with nitrogen
  • 1 automatic insertion machine
  • Various conventional assembly lines (up to 5 simultaneous products)
  • Full instrumentation for optical inspection, recording and functional tests, tropicalized plates, encapsulation, injection and low pressure overmolding of connectors and circuits
  • Advanced structured storage system for SMD components


Main phases in the custom wire harness manufacturing process

Wire harness manufacturing process in ICM