High level automation in the manufacture of custom wire harness

Máquina automática para la producción de cableado LED

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) stands out for its remarkable investment in machinery. This allows the automation of the manufacturing process of custom wire harness of all types. Together with the permanent capacity of innovation of ICM, this contributes to the continuous improvement of its quality processes and cost optimization, which in turn generates a greater added value for its customers.

In particular, for the manufacture of custom industrial wire harness, there are multiple automatic and semi-automatic stations, which accelerate the production and, therefore, the delivery of orders.

In addition, ICM has all the technical resources necessary for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board + Assembly).

Stations for custom wire harness manufacturing

Automatic cable processing stations (cutting, stripping, crimping, compacting and marking).

Semi-automatic stations for cutting and stripping multipolar hoses

Automatic and semi-automatic wrappers

Electrical test equipment (continuity, insulation and dielectric rigidity)

Laser stripping machines, semi-rigid cables, automatic precision cables and precision single-line cable

Metallographic cutting machine

Semi-rigid cable bender.

Máquinas semiautomáticas de engaste de cables

Others technical resources for custom wire harness manufacturing

Ovens for shrinking hoses and self-weldable splices

Continuity, insulation and rigidity test equipment

Climatic chamber

Network analyzer up to 20 GHz

Quality control equipment

Identification and 3D printers

Crimping tools

Complete measurement and testing instrumentation.