ICM receives turnkey wire harnesses and assembly orders for the 8×8 Dragon VCR

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) has received orders for wire harnesses and assemblies for the VCR 8×8 Dragon. This is the armored fighting vehicle for the Spanish Army. The orders have arrived after overcoming several selection phases by ICM. In the process, more than 15 competitors from different countries have participated.

In ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) we bring to the project our experience of more than 35 years in the manufacture of wire harnesses and assemblies, quality and guaranteed compliance with deadlines. We are perfectly qualified to respond to this challenge. We have all the necessary means at our disposal. Proof of this is the positive results of the audits carried out by our customers and by the auditors of the 9100 standard, as well as our participation in similar projects such as Leopard 2E and ESSM.

During the more than four years that the process has lasted, in ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) we have made the necessary investments to reinforce our capabilities both in terms of technical resources and human resources. In fact, we have increased the quantity and quality of personnel with the capability to cover the workload associated with the production of wire harnesses and assembly for the VCR 8×8 Dragon.

In addition, we have already put in place the management of purchases And manufacturing orders for pre-series wire harnesses and assemblies have already been launched into production.