Continuity of EN 9100 certification in ICM

ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L.) has received confirmation of the continuity of EN 9100 certification. It provides evidence that the organization’s products and services meet the requirements and expectations of the aerospace and defense sectors.

After the completion of the follow-up audit, by the Cámara, to check the degree of implementation of the system in ICM, the Certification Committee has decided to maintain the corresponding certificate, according to EN 9100:2018. Thanks to it, we guarantee quality assurance throughout the supply chain of the products and services we develop, intended for the aerospace and defense sectors. These include the manufacture of custom wire harness for launchers, as well as for Earth observation, scientific and telecommunications satellites. We also manufacture special custom wire harness, and serial and pre-series prototypes found in UAVs, battle tanks, missiles, navigation consoles and on-board equipment.

The EN 9100 standard was created by the IAQG,  in 1998, including specific requirements and best practices for suppliers in the sector, which go beyond other quality systems such as ISO 9001. Compliance must be verified annually.

In the case of our organization, Cámara Certifica is the body in charge of this. It is one of the brands of the network of Chambers of Commerce through which Certificación y Confianza Cámara, S.L. operates. This is an independent and impartial certification and verification entity, accredited by the Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC). Its certifications are nationally and internationally recognized.