ICM expands its automatic machinery to produce wire harness

ICM (Integral of Connection and Mounts, S.L.) has acquired a new automatic machine to process hoses and unifilar cables of large sections (up to 70 mm2).

Samec Machine TSA-15 is the model of this new machine. Hoses or cables from 1 to 16 mm outside diameter, and lengths between 0.23 and 500 meters can be used in this station.

It incorporates two extra modules: the AC.3000 DS, which allows collecting and stacking cables; And AL.32.50, to unwind the reel and ease the hose inlet to the machine head.

With this, there are 15 automatic stations (among a total of 59 semiautomatic and / or manual) with which ICM can produce the industrial wire harness offered to a wide variety of sectors.