Event of energy efficiency and LED technology, in July

Expo Energy Efficiency (EEE), a fair on energy efficiency and LED technology, will be held from 5 to 8 July in Lima, Peru.

Simultaneously, with LED Expo Peru and Alumvidrio, Expo Energy Efficiency is a meeting and business space for companies related to the renewable energy sector, as well as for entrepreneurs, professionals, scientists, students and the public in general awareness of that issue.

Besides, EEE is also a place for the exchange of knowledge and promotion of the use of clean energies. Also to sensitize people on the importance of using them to take care of the environment.

This fifth edition, the EEE & LED Technology Fair, will be focused on the theme of “Renewable Energy and Innovation for Industry and Cities”, to cover the different renewable energies, LED technology and LEED Sustainable Construction.


If you attend this event, we would be grateful to you to hear about your impressions.