ICM launches a new website

In Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L. (ICM) we have developed a new, more modern and dynamic website, to improve user experience. So, you can find clear, concise and useful content, and a more friendly and attractive environment that facilitates navigation from any device. In addition, you can connect with our profiles on social networks as LinkedIn and Google+, and share our blog content on your own profiles.

Cablectando is the title of our blog. It is the gerund of “cablectar” an own creation verb, from the Spanish words “cable” (wire, cord) and “conectar” (to connect). That is because our intention is to connect with you, provide a space to discuss interesting aspects related to many sectors in which the customized wiring is applied, our connection solutions. Therefore, we invite you to propose topics on which we will try to write here. And we also encourage you to comment them once they are published.

We hope to meet you soon here!