ICM registered in REA (Registry of Accredited Companies )

Snce October 8, ICM has been registered in the Registry of Accredited Companies (REA) as contractors or subcontractors in the construction sector. In this way, at ICM, by registering with the REA, we certify that we have the appropriate infrastructure and means to develop our activity (manufacturing solutions for manufacturers); and to exercise the direction of the works, assuming the risks, obligations and responsibilities inherent to it. On the other hand, also that our staff has the necessary training in ORP matters, and that we have an adequate preventive organization.


The REA, in operation since August 26, 2008, is a registry in which all those companies that wish to intervene in the subcontracting process in the construction sector must register, that is, that intend to be hired or subcontracted to work at a construction site.


From the promulgation of the regulations that regulate Subcontracting in the Construction Sector, companies that want to be part of the construction process as contractors or subcontractors in construction works, must be registered in the REA, including also those that belong to to another productive sector, such as ICM, as our activity is focused on manufacturing solutions for manufacturers, including comprehensive manufacturing management, custom wiring, integration, installation and maintenance of electromechanical systems and equipment, among others. . In addition, this legal norm is mandatory.