IP / WHMA-A-620 certification, quality guarantee in the manufacture of wire harness


The IPC / WHMA-A-620 standard is the most widely used in the world of electronics to evaluate complete cables and wire harnesses based on several established criteria and visual requirements. Hence, the importance of having the corresponding certification for a manufacturer of industrial wire harness, for example.

A manufacturer of custom industrial wire harness, for instance, demonstrates its commitment to customer requirements by obtaining this certification. On the other hand, it greatly facilitates the achievement of ISO certification or other quality guarantees initiatives. Besides, it is a recognition credential in the electronics sector.

Specifically, some of the aspects covered by the IPC / WHMA-A-620 standard are those relating to the following:

  • Dimensions, tolerances and cable preparation
  • Crimp terminations
  • Insulation connections
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Marking and labeling
  • Cable bundle securing
  • Installation
  • Wire sheath (seamless)


More info: IPC