Mobile application by NASA

The aerospace sector is one of the sectors where custom wire harness manufactured by ICM can be applied. For that reason, today we provide you with information about an application for mobile developed by NASA, the American aerospace agency.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) discovers in its mobile application the latest images, videos and information of its missions, as well as news, tweets, its TV channel and others relevant content.

This application, developed by NASA, allows:

  • See a multitude of images and videos
  • NASA online TV
  • News and reports
  • Latest information from NASA’s mission
  • Receive sighting notifications from the International Space Station
  • Access to live videos of the experiment “Vision of the Earth” in high definition, from the International Space Station and receive notifications before they happen
  • Visualize 2D satellite tracking maps and 3D terrestrial models with the International Space Station and other satellites in Earth orbit
  • Receive the latest tweets from the entire agency
  • Rate the images and consult the list of the best classified
  • Select your own images or favorite missions and get quick access to them
  • Map, information and links to all NASA visitor centers.
  • Explore the featured content section with 3D planet models and information
  • See the Earth as a collection of art images and interactive map
  • Listen to Third Rock Radio (alternative rock radio station)
  • Easily share all content on social networks


If you use it, share your experience with us, please.