Mobile application of electronic components,

Today, we talk about Component Pinouts, an application for mobile, which offers an offline database, with more than 70,000 pins of electronic components.

This application allows to look for chips, transistors, diodes, triacs, microprocessors and all types of pins, providing a large number of equivalents. Different forms of search can be used:

By family: A / D, audio, BJT, board, cables, CMOS 40XX, CMOS 45XX, comparator, D / A, diode, FET, memory, microprocessor, OPAMP, power BJT, power FET, radio, regulator, SMDcode, Special, timer, TTL 54XX, TTL 74XX, TV, video, zener.

By circuits: 555, 741, LM317, TDA2002, 78XX, 79XX.

By boards: Arduino Due, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno, Chip, Pro Chip, DHT11, DHT22, DHT33, ESP-07, ES P-12E, Raspberry Pi, Wemos D1, Wemos D1 Mini .

By codes.

Component Pinouts is a fast application that does not require Internet connection to perform searches. You can download it in this link.

We would appreciate your comments if you tested it. Share your experience about similar applications.