ICM manufactures telemetry wire harnesses for Ariane 6

ICM is manufacturing the electrical wire harnesses for the telemetry equipment of the Ariane 6 launcher. Telemetry is the system responsible for transmitting the data generated by the launcher to the ground during the entire launch mission.

Currently, ICM manufactures, at its factory in Aranjuez (Madrid, Spain), the telemetry wire harnesses for FM1 and FM2, the first two flight models, according to customer’s request.

The new contract obtained to manufacture the telemetry wire harnesses for the FM3 to FM15 flight models is related to the initial tender obtained by ICM, about the FM1 and FM2 operational harnesses for the launcher. We published a post about the contract to manufacture operational wire harness for the launcher. And, in a later post, we informed about the delivery of the first wire harnesses for Ariane 6 earlier this year.