ICM has recycled 254,783 kg of paper and cardboard, since the beginning of this initiative

In 2021, a total of 254,783 kg of recycled paper and cardboard have been registered in our custom wire harness manufacturing centers, since the initiative was launched at the ICM (Integral de Conexión y Montajes, S.L).

At our Aranjuez factory, where we manufacture our custom wire harness, we began to recycle paper and cardboard in 2014. There, this recycling has meant avoiding: felling 1,093 trees, emitting 70,269.3 kg of CO2, using 3,903.85 m3 and dumping 156.156 m3. And in our factory in Illescas, where we also manufacture custom wire harness, this practice began in 2016. In this plant, the figures have been as follow: 2,464 trees not felled, 159,035.4 kg of CO2 not emitted, 8,835.30 m3 of unused water, and 353.41 m3 not discharged.

This type of recycling contributes to minimizing the impact of the organization’s activity on the environment, since paper and cardboard are products that can be used up to 7 times, thereby avoiding production for disposal.

In fact, throwing paper and/or cardboard in the trash implies a great energetic, environmental and economic cost. While the recycling provides multiple benefits, including deforestation, and the unnecessary accumulation of garbage, as well as saving water and oil. On the other hand, it allows the reduction of the carbon footprint. That is, the total volume of polluting gases generated, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the greenhouse gases that causes climate change.

For all these reasons, it is vital to try to reduce the use of paper and cardboard. A simple way to achieve this, not only in the company, but also in our homes, is to use products of this type only when necessary, and make the most of them. Thus, for example, it is convenient to use the pages on both sides, avoid printing documents that can be consulted on the screen, reuse gift wrap and paper bags, replace kitchen paper with cloths and/or cloth rags, share newspapers and magazines or consult them in newspaper archives and libraries, among other measures.