Recycling of paper and cardboard at ICM, for a more sustainable environment

In 2019, ICM (Integración de Conexión y Montajes, SL) helped to minimize the environmental impact on its environment by recycling a total of 230,168 kg of paper and cardboard at its two locations, where it develops its manufacturing solutions for manufacturers, including custom wire harnesses production.

During the past year, at ICM we recycled 67,557 kg at our Aranjuez facilities and 162,611 kg at our Illescas manufacturing plant. In the first case, Temansa has participated as well, It is another company in Grupo Espacio Industrial, specialized in integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mechatronic equipment and systems.

With the recycling of paper and cardboard at ICM we contribute to making our environment more sustainable, as the action means:

  • a considerable reduction in the consumption of natural resources, such as water, with the saving of 11,508.4 m3; and trees, by preventing 3,223 felling.
  • and avoiding the emission of 60,801.3 kg of CO2, and the dumping of 458.33 m2 of waste.