Residues management in ICM. Container reorganization

In December last year, new waste containers were installed at the ICM factory in Aranjuez. And the existing ones were redistributed in less space. Everything to ensure their correct management.

With this action 25 m² have been free for tasks in the production area, cleaning the facilities environment and reducing waste management costs. The Illescas plant also has specific containers.

All of these measures are oriented to care for the environment, which reflect the company’s involvement in this area. The mixture of waste, among other consequences, implies a considerable increase in the management cost (up to four times greater than if they are recycled properly). Hence, the initiative has also been reinforced with the awareness of ICM staff about the importance of depositing each waste in the appropriate container; and with the perfect identification of all of them by clear signal. As a result of the reorganization of containers and spaces, the ICM plant in Aranjuez has:

  • Scrap metal cage, for metal waste, except those with electronic boards (PCBs) or other electronic devices.
  • Waste cage of electrical and electronic devices for any device that requires low voltage connection and / or that contains electronic boards (PCBs). Power supplies and UPS (or similar) that include lead-acid batteries must be deposited with hazardous waste.
  • Blue 30 m³ container for wood and plastic (managed together).
  • Cardboard and paper compactor, exclusively, so you should not put items with plastic or metals. Therefore, in the case that cardboard boxes with dividers or inner packaging of plastic or other non-cardboard material must be separated and deposited in the corresponding container.
  • Blue hazardous waste cabinet, only for those specified in the list located in the closet itself.

How do you recycle waste in your company?