Technological leap in ICM

In ICM we have managed to ensure that non-productive tasks, that is, those different from those of manufacturing wire custom harness and integration of electromechanical equipment and systems, are carried out quite normally. Thus, despite the current complex situation. A situation that has involved reorganizing and establishing new working formulas, to guarantee our activity. The use of the Microsoft Teams platform has helped to get this. Together with a series of technological leaps that have taken place at Grupo Espacio Industrial.

For example, administrative and management tasks, as well as the usual follow-up meetings of our SGL (Lean Management System), are being carried out with some normality, taking into account the circumstances that, in certain cases, have implied the teleworking for our staff. This has been possible thanks to the fact that the Innovation & Systems Dept. in Grupo Espacio Industrial Industrial, years ago, established a foundation to achieve the virtualization of desktops, and to implement the necessary material resources as, for example, the implementation of Office365. This platform for communications and collaboration hosted in the cloud, integrates a wide variety of applications and services, including Microsoft Teams. It is an application that facilitates online teamwork, by allowing communication and sharing of resources among its members.

Today, the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 together with various technological leaps of the Group over time, have made possible that most of the office staff is able to work from their home with full guarantees and with access to the company’s resources. Those leaps include:

  • Having a high-performance data center and server virtualization.
  • Implementing desktop virtualization technologies.
  • Migrating fixed lines from office to mobile.
  • Implementing multiple cybersecurity systems, such as: advanced e-mail protection, VPN, antivirus on critical nodes, backup systems at the virtual machine level, etc.

These are improvements that not only make telework possible as a formula to help ensure the continuity of the activity of our organization in a critical and complex situation like the current one, but also to facilitate teamwork if, for example, its members meet in different geographical spaces or areas. Therefore, it constitutes a useful technological leap now and in the future.